Motor Vehicle Accident Claims (TAC)

Based in the inner-city suburb of St Kilda, we are all too familiar with not only the grief and shock of motor vehicle accidents, but the resulting loss of income and medical expenses. We are dedicated, compassionate and tenacious in ensuring the best possible compensation for your TAC claim.

What is a TAC claim?

If you’ve been injured in a traffic accident in Victoria, you may be entitled to compensation such as weekly payments (as a result of loss of income) or medical expenses reimbursed from the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

The trauma and stress of dealing with an accident can be an overwhelming and very emotional experience.  We will listen to your story and actively pursue all possible avenues to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

What kind of compensation can I expect?

  • Weekly payments as a result of loss of income
  • Medical expenses covered
  • Impairment benefit (payment to compensate for permanent impairment)
  • Common Law/serious injury (compensation for damages from serious injury)


We offer a No Win – No Fee arrangement.  A No Win – No Fee arrangement means we do not charge professional fees if the case is unsuccessful, however there may be disbursements (out of pocket expenses) involved.

Grant & Co Lawyers have extensive experience in Personal Injury Law and will offer sound advice and guidance based on your needs and personal circumstances.

Contact us online or call 1300 057 056 for an obligation free assessment of your matter.

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