How to Make a Claim

Step 1: Collect information

Provided you are able to, you should obtain the details of anyone else involved in the accident. This also means taking photos and getting the details of any witnesses.

Step 2: Seek Treatment

It is important to see a doctor as soon as possible, particularly if time off work is required. If you wish to claim loss of earnings benefits, you will need a Certificate of Capacity, which can be obtained from doctor. This will state how your injury has affected your ability to work and the date that you will be able to return. If you cannot return to work on this date, you should see your doctor and provide the TAC with a current certificate.

Step 3: Report the accident

You cannot make a TAC claim unless you have reported the accident to the police. If the police did not attend the scene, we recommend that you do this as soon as practicable.

Step 4: Make a claim

To lodge a claim, you must first call the TAC on 1300 654 329. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Details of those involved;
  • The accident details such as the location, date, time and circumstances;
  • Details of witnesses;
  • Details of police who attended the scene or the police station at which you reported the accident;
  • If the accident involved public transport, details such as the route number, driver’s name and location;
  • Employment details if you have had more than 5 days off work; and
  • Bank details

The TAC will then send you a Claim for Compensation Summary outlining the information you have provided. If you are satisfied that the details within the form are correct, you will need to sign it with a witness present and return it to the TAC.

In order for the the TAC to then assess your claim, they will need to access information such medical reports, tax records or welfare statements for example. As such, you will need to complete an Authority to Release Information form.

If you are making a claim for loss of earnings, the TAC will also request the following:

  • A Certificate of Capacity from your doctor
  • Proof of earnings for the 12 month period before the accident. Payslips or a printout of your payments would be sufficient.
  • A completed Tax File Number Declaration Form

After receiving your claim, the TAC has 21 days to accept or reject it. If you receive no response within this time frame, your claim will be deemed rejected.

My Claim Has Been Accepted

If your claim has been accepted, the TAC will pay your loss of earnings benefits fortnightly into your bank account.

If you wish to claim a treatment, it is important to ensure that the service provider has your TAC claim number and bills the TAC directly. If you are sent a bill for medical treatment, you should send it to the TAC.

To be reimbursed for treatment or support services you have paid for yourself, retain the receipt and send it to the TAC.

My Claim Has Been Rejected

There are a number of reasons that the TAC will deny a claim, many of which, can be quite complex. Should you wish to challenge the decision, you have 12 months to lodge an application with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. We highly recommend that you seek legal advice if your claim has been rejected.

How Long Do I Have to Lodge a Claim?

You have 12 months from the date that the accident occurred to lodge your claim. If you lodge your claim after this date, you will need to provide a statement as to why it was delayed. The TAC will not accept any claims lodged more than 3 years after the accident.

Grant & Co Lawyers have extensive experience in TAC claims and will offer sound advice and guidance based on your needs and personal circumstances.

We offer a No Win – No Fee arrangement meaning we do not charge professional fees if the case is unsuccessful, however there may be disbursements (out of pocket expenses) involved. The TAC claims process can be complex and stressful. To avoid having your claim rejected and to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve, you should speak to one of our lawyers today on 1300 057 056.

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