How to Make a Claim

If you’re an injured worker, trying to navigate the complex world of compensation law alone can seem impossible. Time constraints and legal jargon are just some of the challenges you could face in a time when your health should be paramount. Our ‘how to make a claim’ guide will simplify the process and ensure you take the necessary steps to receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

Maximising a claim for compensation is the common end-goal for most so it stands to reason that our primary focus is on your financial outlook. However, as a boutique law firm we are also mindful of the ‘human element’. We recognize that each individual comes with a different set of circumstances that often requires a different approach.

Step 1      Seek treatment as soon as possible

You should visit a doctor as soon as possible and ensure that you keep copies of all treatment invoices.

Step 2      Notify your employer

You must report your injury to your employer within 30 days. If your employer does not have an injury book, then you should write a letter or email describing the injury and how it occurred.

Step 3      Decide whether you need to take time off work

If time off work is not necessary, you may still be able to make a claim for medical and like expenses incurred as a result of the injury. You will need to lodge a WorkCover claim form with your employer along with medical invoices within six months after the date of treatment.

If you do need to take time off work, you will need to lodge a WorkCover claim form with your employer as soon as practicable. This should be accompanied by a WorkCover ‘Certificate of Capacity’.

Step 4      Obtain a ‘Certificate of Capacity’

To make a claim for weekly payments, your doctor will need to provide you with a Certificate of Capacity. This provides information to the insurer in relation to your ability to work.

Unfortunately, the law can be rather unforgiving to those who fail to act within the specified time. This can often result in a loss of compensation that you may have been entitled to. Nobody should suffer financial hardship as a result of a workplace injury so the key piece of advice from our end is to take action immediately.

Grant & Co Lawyers have extensive experience in workers compensation claims. We will offer sound advice and guidance based on your needs and individual circumstances.

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