Medical and Like Expenses

If your worker’s compensation claim has been approved, you should also be able to claim all reasonable and necessary treatment expenses incurred as a result of your injury.

If you are claiming medical expenses, you are entitled to select your own provider however on occasion, you may be required to submit to a medico-legal examination.


You can claim any reasonable costs of services you require such as medical, hospital, psychology, nursing, ambulance, medication, rehabilitation or personal and household.


If medication is required as a result of your workplace injury, you should be entitled to reimbursement provided that certain requirements are met.


If your injury requires rehabilitation, then you are entitled to choose a provider from a list of providers selected by the insurer. The insurer must consider your injury and place of residence when nominating providers.

Psychology Services

You may be entitled to receive psychology services to assist you in returning to work or improving your overall mental health. You will need to obtain a referral from your doctor to be eligible for such services.

Household Help Services

If you require assistance around the home, your doctor will need to provide a written request for household help services. You should obtain approval prior to commencement of such services.

Travel Expenses

You may be entitled to have your travel expenses reimbursed provided that the travel was to and from the medical appointments required as a result of your workplace injury. You must make a request for reimbursement within 6 months after the date of travel that stipulates all relevant information.

Termination of Payments

Payments will cease either 52 weeks after your entitlement to weekly payments stop or 52 weeks after the injury if no weekly payments were made. There are certain exceptions to this however, where ongoing medical payments are necessary. For example, payments cannot be terminated if a worker’s condition will deteriorate without the appropriate treatment. Services may also continue if the worker requires surgery or has a serious injury.

There are a range of other medical services available such as dental, chiropractic and naturopathy for example. When you speak to one our solicitors, they will advise you of the services for which you may be eligible.

Our friendly and approachable lawyers will identify your needs and provide you with up-to-date and carefully considered advice based on your individual circumstances.

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