Pricing for Conveyancing

Conveyancing – Pricing Guide

For a sale or purchase, our professional fees are $800 plus GST and disbursements. Disbursements are our out-of-pocket expenses such as conducting title and rates searches. Disbursements are kept to a minimum wherever possible. We don’t require any upfront payment as our costs and disbursements are paid at settlement.

Generally the total price differs between a sale and purchase and between a house and a unit. This is due to the number and types of certificates we need to obtain (forming the cost of disbursements). Estimates of our total costs including disbursements are set out below:

TypeProfessional FeesDisbursementsEstimated Total
Purchase of a House $900.00$317.00$1,217.00 + GST
Sale of a House $900.00$367.00$1,267.00 + GST
Purchase of Unit / Owners Corp. Property$900.00$517.00$1,417.00 + GST
Sale of Unit / Owners Corp. Property$900.00$527.00$1,427.00 + GST
Upon engaging us you will receive a detailed cost agreement which sets out our costs obligations – please ask us for a copy if you would like to review the agreement.

If you’re purchasing a property simply email the Contract of Sale and Section 32 to and we’ll let you know if it’s safe to purchase the property. This pre-contractual advice is free.

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