Property Certificates

Property certificates provide details to a prospective buyer about a certain property. Your solicitor will obtain these information statements from the relevant bodies which often consist of the following:

Planning and Zoning Information

This certificate will contain information regarding areas such as zoning of the property, proposed planning schemes, conservation areas or if the land shares a common boundary with a main road.


A statement from Vic Roads will inform you of any proposals to undertake road works that may affect your property.

Land Information

We will obtain this statement from the local council. It outlines important information such as rates, charges, property valuation, flood levels and outstanding amounts.

Building Approvals

This will notify you of details such as building permits that may have been previously issued, flood and termite information or swimming pool fences and smoke alarm requirements. We recommend that you obtain this certificate if the property is less than 7 years old.


A statement from the relevant water authority will advise you of matters pertaining to rates, sewerage, drainage and the annual parks charge.

Heritage Certificate

If your property is listed on the Heritage Register, there will be severe restrictions regarding renovations or demolitions. This information is often excluded from the title so your solicitor will need to obtain a certificate from the relevant body.

Owner’s Corporation Certificate

Where applicable, your solicitor will obtain this certificate to notify you of matters such as fees payable or building insurance.

Environmental Protection Authority

An EPA certificate will determine whether pollution issues, such as noise or soil pollution, will affect the property.

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