How to Arrange an Affordable Divorce

The single greatest way to save many thousands of dollars in fees and many hours of heartache is to remain on good terms with your spouse and have a consensual no fault divorce.

If you have children, then those arrangements will need to be organised separately. Apart from the children though, managing your separation is a financial arrangement and here are a few tips that will help you settle your divorce quickly and at the lowest cost possible.

Smartest things you can do to have an affordable divorce  

Your lawyer has to charge by the hour, the less hours you use them for, the less you will be charged. Here are some tips on how to reduce the cost of your divorce lawyer.

Low-cost uncontested divorce

There is only one certainty in divorce proceedings and that is, the more you fight, the more money will go to the lawyers and not to you or your family. You should try as hard as you can to have an uncontested divorce.  

Agree on the property and finances before you see a divorce lawyer

If you and your spouse can come to an agreement on the distribution of your property and financial agreements (including superannuation) before seeing a lawyer, then the cost of your divorce will be drastically reduced. 

Be well-organised with your paperwork to cut your legal costs in your divorce

The more organised you are prior to engaging the lawyers, the cheaper your divorce will be. It is estimated that up to half of your divorce lawyers time can be taken in organising and understanding your finances. You should organise  your banking records, superannuation information and financial records as early as you can.

Provide documents for your divorce in electronic form where possible

Documents are faster and easier to review and manage in electronic form so, whenever possible, provide properly titled documents in a structured manner via email. 

Email your divorce lawyer rather than call

Whenever possible, email your lawyer with clear questions in point form with any relevant documents attached. This will allow your lawyer to manage your questions quickly which will save you charge out time. 

Avoid numerous independent valuations where possible

There may be major assets that you need to have independently valued however you will save a lot of time and money if you can come to an agreement on the value of the assets in the marital pool and avoid having multiple valuations.    

Agree on arrangements for your children

If you have children and are able to agree on the co-parenting of your children, including custody, visitation, and child support, then that will save you a huge amount of money. 

Pick a lawyer who promotes low cost, no fault divorces

It is a sad fact of life that some law firms will deliberately try to create tension between you and your spouse to extend the divorce settlement and increase their fees. Look for a law firm that promotes low cost, no fault divorce settlements as part of their business.

Choose a divorce lawyer that suits you

Even if you are having an amicable divorce this will still be a highly stressful time in your life with a lot of decisions to be made and a lot of change to be experienced so find a lawyer that you feel comfortable with and you trust. All reputable lawyers should be happy to offer you a free phone discussion or visit prior to you agreeing to work with them. 

Be flexible during your divorce and think about the future 

It would be unbelievable to go through a divorce without differences of opinion from both parties but if you both give a little and focus on having a low cost consensual divorce then you will save many tens of thousands of dollars of your hard earned money and, as time and emotion goes by, you will look back with pride and satisfaction at the way you have both handled the situation.

Our Affordable No Fault Divorce Process

Total $3130
(or $2,510 with Health Care Card) inc GST
For acting on your behalf to create and certify a Binding Financial Agreement  with Amicable partner and excluding arrangements for any children.
Our low cost, no fault divorce process can be broken down into three stages.


Create a Binding Financial Agreement

inc GST
We will meet with you and, after discussing your situation and details, we will draft a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) that will define how the assets of your partnership will be distributed.


Divorce Agreement Review

inc GST
Present draft agreement to partner, modify as required, submit application. Once the agreement has been drafted it will need to be reviewed by your partner, modified as required, finalized through mutual consent, and submitted. Please see arranging an Independent Lawyer for your Partner.


File Divorce Application to Court

inc GST
Discounted rate of $310 inc GST for applicants with a Health Care Card.
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