How to Make a Successful Claim for Culpable Driving with VOCAT

Culpable driving is defined as someone who causes death or injury because they were driving recklessly or negligently and/or they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the extent that they could not control the vehicle.

Culpable driving compensation

Culpable driving is an area that may be covered by two organisations:

The Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) may cover expenses such as medical expenses, funeral expenses, counselling, loss of financial support. 

VOCAT may cover those expenses and you can also make a claim through a lawyer for VOCAT, and they will pay the legal expenses if you are eligible to claim. Choose a law firm that will give you free advice on eligibility before you start your claim so you can be sure VOCAT will cover the expense. 

Unidentified and not guilty offenders

You can still apply to VOCAT for a culpable driving event even if the offender has not been identified or charged by the police or the accused person was not found guilty at court.

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