Claiming VOCAT Compensation for Murder or Manslaughter

In a traumatising situation such as this it is highly likely that all categories of victims will be present; they are: 

  • The Primary Victim – The person who experienced the crime. 
  • The Secondary Victim – The person who was at the scene, witnessed the violence or suffered indirectly because of the crime (including parents or guardians of minors).
  • Related Victim – A person who, at the time of an act of violence, had a close relationship with a victim who died.

Compassionate and professional legal representation

It is important to talk to a legal professional who has the compassion and understanding to handle your claim and support you in this trying time. 

You do not need to worry about the legal costs so you should choose the lawyer you are most comfortable with when something of this magnitude happens in your life. The legal side will take a long time to sort out and you need someone to take care of that and provide emotional support too. 

This information has been compiled by Grant & Co Lawyers who are community-minded Victims of Crime Lawyers based in Melbourne who specialise in VOCAT cases. If you would like to call or have a free meeting with Grant & Co Lawyers, then please call 1300 057 056 or contact us online to arrange a meeting.  There will be no cost and no obligation, and we will be happy to patiently discuss your situation. If you have kids, you can bring them in for your appointment too.  

Have you been a victim of violent crime? Applications for compensation at VOCAT are free.

Please contact us online or call 1300 057 056 for an obligation free assessment of your matter.

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