How to Make a Successful VOCAT Domestic or Family Violence Claim

One of the key elements of making a claim with VOCAT is ensuring you have reported the incident in a timely manner. This is true for most VOCAT claims.

However, in the case of domestic or family violence where the victim may be living in the house with the perpetrator, the court has been known to give consideration to claims many years after the event when the victim has gained independence or freedom from the environment where the incidents took place. 

Physical violence towards you is illegal and a crime, regardless of whether the person is a family member or not.  You are entitled to the “quiet enjoyment” of your life, free from the fear of physical and mental injury. 

Family violence claims also include non-physical abuse

Although family violence is often thought of as physical abuse, there are many other ways you can experience pain and suffering too. 

If you are being bullied verbally, belittled, shouted at, threatened or continually insulted then you are suffering family violence. 

If the person you’re with withholds money, takes your money, or uses money to control or abuse you then that is abuse.

If you are being threatened, embarrassed or stalked through social media, emails, phone or any other technology then that is abuse.

If you are being mistreated, neglected or bullied whilst you are under the care of someone then that is domestic abuse regardless of whether you are young, old or coping with a disability. 

If someone threatens or actually cuts you off from your family, friends and social activity then you are being abused. 

If someone threatens or abuses your children, then you both may be decided to be a victim of crime.

Report abuse at the earliest possible time

You need to report abuse to the Police at the earliest possible time. In order to make a successful claim you need to co-operate with the authorities when they investigate the incident/s as lack of co-operation can result in a claim being denied. 

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